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Why some of the children of the rich are dull and that of the poor are brilliant

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Owing to the many request from our top followers on a blog about the title above naijafeeded has gone through many research and conclusion that there are some factors which determines and prove that true, they are summarized as follows:                              

  1. Scarcity, want and reasoning The children of the poor are always in want with limited available resources, they don’t have enough, so they always think hard on how to choose that which is most important and

the consequences of letting go the others (future economist) for example, a poor boy needs four item and lets say maybe he has $10 which is definitely not enough, he have to think on how to manage his available resources and how to put together things around him.
But a rich child have almost all that he needs, he don’t have to think on how to let go or how to put the old ones together and this makes him head-way.

                                     2. The toys they play with
A rich child don’t always have to work on his toys because they get him ready-made ones, they might be either car, house or any other toy but they are already made, so the rich boy just play with them.
But the poor boy need not to be told that he cant afford getting the ready made ones so he just have to try make them himself, though simple but creative toys by using all he can get from his environment. By this he is putting together into work his initiative and skills and by this is developing his brain, he might make either carton or tin cars (future engineer) and build their though temporal but creative house with sand (future architect) also looking for ways to make it stronger.

  3. their relationship with others
amakvitaa researchers have gathered that the poor children are often exposed to more people then the rich who are always indoor, this expose the poor child to more knowledge and talent, and this gives him a wider range of knowledge.

  4. their upbringing and life
the rich child always have people close to them even if they spend less time with their parents, they have nannies and guardian to guide them and don’t allow them to make mistake, so they don’t know what it is like to do that thing wrong and so live by imagination.
While the poor child though often have his parent around don’t always have people to guide them, they go through tasks and see the consequences themselves, so they learn fast by that. Example, a poor child puts his finger in fire and cry out that it is hot, he also try to treat himself knowing that no one is around (future doctor).
But the rich child is not allowed to touch the stove talk less the fire, and is taken to the clinic if any small accident occurs, so all these makes the poor child live with experience and the rich child with imagination on what will happen if his hands get to that fire.

                              5. their environment and resources
naijafeeded has gathered that the poor child spend more time with his natural environment and resources around him such as digging the soil to see what’s inside (future mining engineer), studying or climbing trees (agriculture), playing with domestic animals(future animal scientist) and so on, this makes him adapt and learn from his environment, whereas the rich child always find himself at midst of man-made structures and try to learn from them such as climbing stairs, looking at big houses and imagining how they are built, going to play ground, whereas the poor child brings a local play ground to himself.

    6. inheritance
amakvitaa place this phenomenon last because it is almost insignificant ,never the less does matter to some extent what these two categories of kid inherited from their parents.
In conclusion as you have read this blog , you have also learnt how to change a Childs mental capability .thanks
Always remember that you read it first from amakvitaa.


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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