A Dream


• Both of you who brought me into this world are gone
• All you left behind have been taken away by people who called themselves relatives
• I have no choice than to submit all I have reluctantly
• I was driven out of the mansion you left behind
• Cold played drums with my teeth and my body danced to their tones
• The rich insult me by throwing leftovers in the refuse dump
• The way people look at me makes me fell inferior
• I cant visit my usual amakvitaa site anymore
• My friends no longer ask of me
• At night, I hear mosquito singing to me
• I am tired of crying
• I asked the usual question “GOD where are you”
• Yes I was handsome and intelligent
• No one has the courage to confront me
• Until one day she picked up courage and walked to me
• Her mum liked me
• She bought me a car and a house
• I have a good life now
• She looked me in a romantic way
• I knew she wants something I cannot resist
• I heard a vibrating sound, glim, glim, glim
• Then I realized I was lying down on my bed
• In Christ the king seminary school
• Its time for the day work
• Its morning
• I have been dreaming.
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