Hero Beer Drink(oo’mpa)

Hero Beer Drink(oo'mpa)

Hero Beer Drink(oo’mpa)



Salute to the great descendants of Biafra (Igbo, Nigeria).
Some Igbo elders recently told amakvitaa that they need some cultural blog on “the Igbo culture” but I saw that the Igbo culture is everywhere on the net so amakvitaa decided to blog on the popular hero bear.


The hero bear is a premium filtered and breweled bear, its industry is located in Nigeria> anambra state, it was introduced by the past governor of anambra state governor Peter obi.
He manufactured it in the honor of the greatest hero of Igbo land ‘sir Emeka Ojukwu’ (RIP). Who was the leader of then Biafra army; he lavished his fathers wealth on the people he ruled.

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Hero and the people

It is popularly known to the Igbo community of Nigeria as “oo’mpa” meaning “yes father”, it was discovered by amakvitaa researchers that the people in the east, after setting t on the table salutes it before drinking it , this is a way of paying homage to the great legend.

Its dispersal

It is predominant in the eastern and western parts of Nigeria, and though popular it is not found openly in the northern Nigeria due to a law called “sharia law” which prohibits drinking of alcohol, nevertheless naijafeeded have gathered that thousand of carton are smuggled everyday and that even some of the sharia people and officers drink it especially In kano, that’s life right.
Salute to the great peoples of Biafra and ooompa to you all, thanks.
Always remember that you heard it first from amakvitaa.

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