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The African Time

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  index Why that quote “the African time”, perhaps you would ask "is time not the same everywhere?",at least according to its time zone or meridian . Ah! ,there is more to that, if you listen to most announcement or invitation broadcast in Africa today you would hear them say “no African time”. The African time meant here is about 20% time gone out

of the scheduled time , for example if a wedding reception is to hold by 1:00pm as written in the invitation card, a normal African man who is not a relation to the couple will be there around 2-3:00pm . Amakvitaa researchers have attributed such behaviour to few reasons as stated below:
1. due to the experience encountered in the previous occasion, if an African man was kept waiting for an hour during a traditional marriage, he will keep them waiting for two hours when its time for church wedding.
2. his personal reasons as gathered by naijafeeded researchers is also one big reason for the existence of “ African time”, while some believe that only those who are close to the celebrant should keep to time others believe that some minute or an hour should be set aside for the party planners to finish their work and so on.
And today this behaviour of the” African time” has become a tradition or habit of most Africans. Nowadays celebrants set there time some hour before the supposed time in other to over come the error of “the African time”. But the question is ,do we continue with this behaviour or are we changing it. After reading this amakvitaa’s blog, its totally yours to decide. Thanks.
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