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A Fair Tale

  There lived a man, a powerful man, very wealthy, he owns about 150,000sqkm of land, that’s how rich he was, and his name is jaa. It was unknown to amakvitaa's storytellers where he came from or who his descendants were, but it was believed that he came from the north because of his language and his way of life, he speaks gbagi. Jaa married a beautiful tall lady whose name was

unknown, they have four children, sons precisely, their names according to seniority were Suleiman, lookman, yusuf and abubakar their youngest.
Jaa loved all his children but he loved abubakar the more, maybe because he is the youngest, amakvitaa also gathered that his three brothers discriminated him ( abubakar) and mocked him saying that he would take the least share of their fathers land.
Their father got angry one day because of their attitude towards their younger brother, he told them that one day abubakar will become the greatest among them, that his land will be the seat of the whole kingdom (now country) and eventually the whole world., he also told them that even if his land will be smaller, many towns including some of his brothers will donate some of theirs to him, his sons doubted his prophecy and said over their dead body would that happen.
One peaceful night their father was very ill, he called his three sons(Suleiman, abubakar, yusuf) and shared his land according to their seniority to them excluding lookman because he was not around , he followed a white man the previous month on a trip to see where two great rivers meet and he never returned, when their father died their mother could not withstand the shock, she fainted and died, both of them was buried in suleiman’s land because he was the eldest, after the burial yusuf vanished out of anger and sorrow and rumors have it then that he was dead.
Now that their father is dead it is custom for them to merge their names with that of their father in other to recognise themselves anywhere.
Lookman settled were he went to see two rivers that met and as custom demands he answered ‘loko’ and his fathers name ‘ja’ that is lokoja.
Suleiman being the eldest occupied their father’s home and his land including half of yusuf’s land and he answered suleja as his new name.
Then abubakar moved to his land containing half of yusufs’ and he answered Abuja as his new name.
No one knows of the whereabouts of yusuf but if he is still alive he is likely to answer yusuja or yuja as he chooses. Thanks.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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