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Mouse Glue Board – a sure alternative


topical mouse glue board

topical mouse glue board


The mouse glue board is made of natural rubber glue,it is very adhesive and easy to use.
It is used locally to control pest within the household and the surrounding environment,it traps rat, mouse, flying and crawling insect e.t.c, the product is safe, healthy and very ideal wiping out rodent and insect from homes as there will be no chance of escaping once contact is made with the glue.

How to use

Unpack the glue and place it where rat often appears. For best result put some food in between the glue board, simply remove the trapped mouse and reuse again, however it is noticed by amakvitaa researchers that rats have the behavior of moving beside walls, so you can put them in wall corners.

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Do not place where children or pets can easily touch.once touched , clean out with benzene or alcohol only.
The mouse glue has proven effective within the past few years of use and observation by amakvitaa , it is also a good substitute for spray insecticide and steel traps because it has no odor ,free from poison, of less harm to kids, the ability to be reused after use and so on. Why not try it today, thanks.
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