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Religion – uniting or dividing humanity

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Religion - uniting or dividing humanity

Religion - uniting or dividing humanity

Critics have argued over the past decades about the topic “is religion uniting or dividing humanity”, they often say," the more religion and spiritual believe grows, the more divided humanity becomes", so Let's see what amakvitaa's researchers have gathered from religious leaders and believers from around the world. it was gathered that the more people believe diversely, the more they ignore what other people believe.

Religion, unlike other forms of beliefs as in tradition, culture, racism etc,it is what people spiritually believe and trust in, and we all know that everyone thinks that what he believes is the truth, the best and the true religion, so even though different religion come together sometimes to pray or solve communal problems, they all know their differences which cannot unit them totally.
But among these difference in religion, the greatest act that have divided humanity the more is the divisions within a religion, this has caused many conflicts and hatred in the past, and lets use Christianity as example.
As amakvitaa have reported, in a town called Suleja in Niger state, Nigeria , there are over 600 divisions of Christianity as at 2012, they all claim to be paying their loyalty to one GOD , what a madness, they claim to be one Christian and believe in one JESUS but cannot inter-attend their brother churches except by friends invitation, their marriage is within themselves, their sharing and helping are restricted ,they just standby and watch to see others make mistakes then they speak up saying “you see, I told you, we are the one true church of GOD”, and someone will stand to tell the world that “religion unites us”.
All these events bring about another complementary question “tribe, race or religion which divides humanity more’.
A recent survey has shown that religion has the highest divisions because within a religion, there are many divisions, moreover, new culture cannot be created, new tribes cannot be built, and new races cannot be made but new religion and sub-religion keep spanking up every day.
A photo blog will soon be posted to see how the Roman Catholic Church revolves around every other religion like the sun, (so like our blog to read ) .
So, in general it has been proven that religion cause more division to humanity than uniting and the big question is “should we continue creating more religion and dividing humanity or are we to start merging the many religions we have in other to unite humanity, is GOD happy with us, because he made us with one religion and belief . It’s yours to decide. Thanks.
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