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Hard luck -why some prefer it to good luck


Of course I already know what you want “good luck”, right, but is that all to it? Certainly the writer is not insane, you know, one man’s food is another man’s poison. Well you might say that you always like good luck coming your way because it means easy, enjoyment, quick way, what ever you call it, you should know that some people don’t like it that way, yes, they prefer hard luck,

in the sense that hard luck justifies work while good luck breeds laziness.
Although both of them Leeds to success but hardluck as the name implies is a tough and complex way to success, it sometimes gets to a point that one asks himself “is this success worth the struggle?” hard luck unlike good luck don’t just come by coincidence or chance, it is planned for and demands many sacrifices and give up thoughts.
The sad part of it is that some people give up o the way, yes, it demands perseverance and patient, you don’t just enter and come out like that, hard luck always demands focus, it doesn’t believe in miracle or free-chance, it knows no coincidence.
A person who believes in hard luck don’t just trust that you can walk up the stairs without falling, but they believe that the force that take you down is sufficient to lift you up, they don’t believe that you can cut some piece of meat without the chance of cutting your hand, but they believe that you wont make such mistakes three times, they don’t believe that you can make a wish and it comes by luck, but they believe that some sacrifices need to be made,.
Such people are scarce to see, whenever they get gift they always expect to give something in return. They believe that nothing is free even freedom.
You hardly see such people, their encounter with others is pleasing and challenging, they know that they must work to get something, they don’t believe success is a dream, they know everything is possible just a matter of how.
They are one of a kind, whenever they are about to carryout a task, they keep in mind that they might fall o the way, when travelling they know they might have a bumpy ride on their way, they are full of expectation.
They don’t believe that something can be better, it either becomes best or it remains worst. Are you such a person?, a hardlum, then be proud for that way of life is pleasing because they lack nothing and give no room for laziness.
For such people there is no limit to what they can achieve because they are not afraid of falling. They know that when they are down, there is no place to go but up. be one .


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