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There Might Be No Nigeria In the Next 700 years to Come

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no nigeria

no nigeria

  Good day to you most valued amakvitaa reader, please beware that this blog/post is based on assumption from the fact that nature presents now. There are possibilities to some extent that in the next 700years or more, Nigeria will be no more. We all know that Nigeria as a large country is bounded in the north by the fast approaching Sahara desert( 6% yearly), and in the south by the fast moving Atlantic oceans , so lets give you some

reasons why amakvitaa said so.
From what naijafeeded researchers gathered from the northern scientists and environmental personnels, they concluded that Nigeria losses about 350,000 hectares of land (almost 100miles) yearly to desert encroachment( desertification), they also said that this result might increase with time as a result of man made activities such as deforestation without afforestating contribute greatly to desertificatio in the northern part of Nigeria.
Also, looking from the south, naijafeeded gathered from estuarine and environmental scientists that Nigeria losses almost 0.1% of its land mass to flooding every year.
So therefore, if we compare this two results we will discover that it is only a matter of time before these two elements close up at the center, unless some preventive measures such as afforestation and river dredging,and again if nature should help us and there is an observable change in climate. Thanks.
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