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Death – the reality of the uncertainty



  Death is one of the most fierce event we human beings shun away from, most especially its “uncertain certainty”. The uncertainty implies that, no one knows the time of his death. And the certainty, in the sense that it most surely come. Amakvitaa asked this question earlier in a media “what if the time of ones death can be known, will you pay

billions to know yours? Or will you prefer to live in ignorance of the date?”, of course if I know the hour of my death I will commit all kind of atrocities and when it gets to a day before my death I will become a saint in the making. that’s just how most people will think ,all this worries have made the nature and time of death uncertain ,but very certain to come.

The diverse view of death

Philosophical perspective
Aristotle, a great philosopher viewed death as a punishment of both soul and body, whereas Plato viewed it as the separation of the soul from the body.
Amakvitaa’s perspective
Amakvitaa`s researchers viewed death as an anti-life gift given to the mortal by an immortal owner.

Psychological perspective
A psychologist named peter milward from his speech “man does not necessarily loss consciousness before the moment of his death in the way he lacks it after the moment of his birth”, he viewed it as an untimely termination of all human life, desire and struggle.

Biological perspective
Biologically, death is a state where all the body organs and systems stop to work or function.

Social perspective
Socially, death is viewed as an event that involves two subjects, the deceased and the mourners; it is the highest level of human un-want.

Religious perspective
Religion views death as a gateway to the entrance of life immortal. Which is bestowed on every living creature once to die and after this the judgment.
Generally,all the above perspective are correct in their views but since its time is uncertain let’s just wait and watch ourselves transform into immortality.



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