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“humility corest” – humility at it’s peak

"humility corest" - humility at it's peak

"humility corest" - humility at it's peak

  The word “humility corest” is a phenomenon used by amakvitaa to explain Christ’s ultimate humility as a good example for our present day humanity. From the scriptures (Philippians 2: 6) “Though his state was divine, but he did not prove his equality with God, rather, of his own free will, he gave up all he had, and took the nature of a servant, he became like man, and appeared in

human likeness, and even at that he was humble, humble to accept death, death to a cross. For this reason God raised him up, high above every other name, that by the mention of his name Jesus all kneel shall bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus is lord to the glory of God the father.
This verse of the scripture portrays the highest level of humility to have ever existed, that God became man, and took the lowest part of man, a servant, he accepted the lowest part of serving, death, and the lowest type of death, death to cross.
Can we meditate and contemplate on this, compare it with our life, and estimate how far we have gone in the struggle for eternal happiness. Thanks.
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