My encounter with Mr. Death (tale)


My encounter with Mr. Death (tale)
My encounter with Mr. Death (tale)


On one sunny Sunday, we saw Mr. Death walking down the street, we were all terrified, and angry of his unwanted – end visit. We saw him stop at a rich man’s house, he entered without knocking and we already knew his message, surprisingly the rich man did the unusual by giving him a warm welcome,he served him all kind of food and drinks, Mr. death ate to the extent that he fell asleep, when he was asleep the rich man quietly took Mr. death’s diary that contains all the name of those to die on Monday, he discovered that his name was first, so he swiftly erased his name and wrote it on the last page. When Mr. Death woke up he was very happy and pleased with the rich man’s attitude towards him, so when he was leaving he told the rich man that because of his kindness towards him (Mr. Death), he will start killing from the last page. Then he left.
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