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Double coincidence of want- probabilities of it possibility

  All economist are familiar with the term "double coincidence of want" its one of the problems of trade by barter to real money . and perhaps we would say the generation of barter is gone, but is it gone forever. well similar to barter a generation is sure to emerge, a generation where money will look for commodity to buy, which is the reverse today, employers will search for employees - the generation of double coincidence of want. getting to the point, estimated about 30% of the worlds country are developed, 50% still developing and about 20% are under developed we all know one of the characteristics of developing and under developed countries is agriculture and perhaps every country is struggling to become developed by the year 2040. have any one come to think of a generation where all the countries of the world are developed and industrialised. it would seem impossible at first, but come to think of it, a generation where no one would like to

farm or partake in hard labor, a generation where everybody would like to be a boss, when mechanisation and technical advancement cannot meet up with the growing desire of man to become part of the comfort-zone beneficiaries ,when the world will be hosting famine amidst billions of money and varsity of wealth. but the possibilities are their that due to mans desire to be served man will cease from partaking in manual labor, even those that desire to serve will be denied access to good fertile farmland due to the ever increasing population .
do you know that in the city of Dubai the cost of washing a garment is almost same as buying new ones, that’s how far it has gone.
so what should be done, will stopping the underdeveloped and developing countries from becoming developed solve the problem, just to make them produce more farm product, is that possible cos no person with reasonable amount of money will like to soil his hands with fowl droppings,so what, is their any other way round.
well i hope Malthusians theory don’t be the solution cos their has been enough bloodshed on earth already.
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