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JARA- and the African market today

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  JARA- and the African market today Jara as called by most Africans precisely Nigeria is a 1% extra of a commodity bought, as observed by amakvitaa’s researchers, it was traced to have originated from some petty consumers who buy goods that must waste during use, it was giving to them as a replacement to the quantity that might be wasted during use. Buyers are now choose their custumers according to the quantity of jara But now, in every typical African market, in each goods bought their must be a request for that extra called jara which is often not refused by the seller, or else he is sure to lose that costumer. It was also discovered that some costumers dump their goods for another seller if the so called jara is not added. A man bought a car and requested for a minor spare part of the car as jara, that’s how far this crazy tradition has gone. Nowadays sellers extract little quantity of their commodity to be given as jara when the need arise. Also, some costumers now

choose their sellers according to the quantity of jara given to them for what they buy; they have almost lost the sense of quality choice.
Do you think this behavior of jara can be stopped in Africa as it has already turned into a tradition because even without request the seller already knows that he most add jara to the commodity bought.
Do you know how it has affected the African market today? Can’t it still be changed?
Always remember you heard it first from amakvitaa.


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