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Nothing is free- even freedom itself

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Nothing is free- even freedom itself

Nothing is free from amakvitaa view , even freedom,just Gods grace and nothing more everything said to be free on earth have the word "but, except,unless, firstly" attached to it as a condition and sacrifice, it is even said "to whom much is given, more is expected". Everywhere we go we see

bill board advertising and showing different items and attaching the word”free” to it . on the net we see “how to make free money online” , we get daily sms on how to make free calls and send free sms. in church sign boards we see “free deliverance,healing and prayers all for free. but are all these true.
The word “free” has been used to attract masses by desperate persons and should have never been used at all.
tell me one thing you got for free and i will tell you the price you paid . even heaven needs fast, prayer, saying the truth,suffer the flesh and other charity works to its not for free.Christ died for our sin but that does not give you the free passage , in fact , the price is that you have to carry your cross and follow him.
did you get free accessory, have you forgotten that you bought three to get one for free , why they dont just give you.
Where you given free scholarship, you studied hard, wasted your pleasurable time reading in other to get it, if not think why, are you an orphan or a disabled, do the lazy and slow-to-learn get scholarships without bribery, cos that’s what they have to pay.
Where you provided with free health service, of course you have to get ill before it can be administered to you.
where you given free food because you washed some plate or attended a party , why was it not brought at home or better still given to an unknown.
even freedom demands obedience of law to remain free, tell me what you got free and i will tell you the price you i guess you have been given bonus all this while and you mistook it for free.
always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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