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Will you be my valentine- the agape love

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Will you be my valentine- the agape love

Its a chilly day, a sunny one, the sky seems brighter than ever, even the cool breeze responded to its call, as if the earth stood still, but the trees keep waving their hands to it, the springs pop up every few meters, the clouds are pure white and blue showing that they have no intention of crying,just the chanting of owl from a distant farm is heard. We woke up early with

the rising sun,when we went outside the first air we breathed was love, and we saw all that nature has prepared for the celebration, then we recalled today is Valentine, a love feast, just a day in 365.
we were all anxious to know but she first spoke”is the little work of love by fr.Valentine the cause of all these excitement and nature wonders”, of course rev fr. valentine sacrificed his life for a family to live.i wish the world will do a bit of the deeds of Valentine.
When she turned to me and all i saw in her eyes was Valentine, just love,and i said to her with my knees kissing the floor, “will you be my Valentine,my love”, and then i saw the answer in her smiles.
Throughout the day valentine was on the air moving from home to home still doing its deeds of love, even though a true love is not expressed just once a year but every day, good deeds at valentines day counts for double blessings.
always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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  1. This day is always special

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