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Nigeria can not peacefully be one – neither can she be divided.

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Nigeria can not peacefully be one - neither can she be divided.

Nigeria can not peacefully be one neither can she be divided, that's just the problem with her. amakvitaa meant no anticate when writing this blog, perhaps it was just drawn from the facts and facept which has befallen us from the dawn of time. How we have lived together this long is known to no one, a country with over 250 known tribes, 700 dialects, 3 religion with over 3 million denominations in one religion, precisely Christianity. Every four years there are

bound to be clash of identities on handover of power during elections, but you know, that’s what amaze the world, as they fall apart on the clash of identity so do the strength to reunite come from their diversity. But should it continue to be like this?, today they fall and tomorrow they rise. starting from the little dispute during amalgamation in 1914 and independence declaration in 1960, and then the civil or biafran war in 1967, also the Abiola crisis in 1993 and now the boko haram terror which started in 2009, Nigeria cannot divided neither can she remain peacefully one.
Let’s start with the possibilities of her uniting, can 249 tribes surrender power to just one tribe every four years, even if it is shared it will be over 1000 years before it reaches every tribe, who would wait that long?,who would want to be the last tribe to rule?, the religious divisions are even worst, what can be said of that?, what about political divisions?, how can over 100 political parties live every four years, you know, whenever we say we are one, an unseen bell rings in our mind from the previous war events.
On the other hand, the possibilities of dividing is even less, some aggrieved Nigerians may say, lets divide Nigeria, but we have not ask ourselves how this division would be, you know the Yoruba and igbo have tried separating themselves with the Hausa, that does not mean the Niger delta are in support of the igbo nor the Fulani tribe in support of the Hausa, so therefore, are we dividing according to tribes?, there are many Igbo people in the Hausa land, or would it be according to religion, there are many northerners whom are devoted Christians, should they live their father- land?, is it according to political parties?, of course you can’t divide one and leave the other.
In general, our clash of identity can be made insignificant if the strength derived from our diversity is much.
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