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They are to be pitied, not mocked- prostitutes

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They are to be pitied, not mocked- prostitutes

They were pretty gentle, they were relatively honest, they were extremely wise,they were uncompromising chaste,they were ladies in their pride, they are humans, what happened to them?. Prostitution has been the third oldest work on earth after agriculture and shelter workers. it has gone pretty well for both the service renders  and

their customers over thousands of years now. perhaps you would say, if this work have lived for thousands of years, why pity them now.
As a little girl, no body will ever think of becoming a prostitute, not even their parents planned it for their little chaste. but they grew up to becoming one, why?, they know it is not the best for themselves but they believe it is the best they can make out of themselves in other to keep moving in life.
weather they were cursed or charmed,by choice or chaos i don’t know, if it was all for illiteracy, stupidity or fun, you never can tell, but believe me no natural lady would want that for herself.
Imagine yourself in their shoes. having no work, no pay, they might have been abused by their masculine employees or lecturers, friends or foes alike. they seem not to have given up on life, but they have reached the end of their terminals with one option left, usually introduced to them by their professional allies. oh! don’t get too emotional, some might have joined the work because they are too lazy to work, but they know it really do not worth it,so what?.
Do you know what it feel like exposing yourself every day to different people,some as pain relievers and sorrow carriers, they just want to use you to forget their sorrows and problems at home, others to cool their hot temperdness and to express their drunkenness, all these just for a little token, not even enough to run the day.
Everyday, different faces with different problems and requests, you see, they have solved thousands of problems but have created more. just for little tokens they appear before different people, the sick,the healthy, the poor, the rich, the sensible, the lunatic, the ugly, the confused, just name them,all these for little wages. could the world be any fairer to them.
Amakvitaa’s researchers found out that if 100 prostitute were settled with good work and money, 87 will never return to that work of miss problem solver and the remaining 13 will return to it based on curse or choice.
Wait!, don’t conclude before my conclusions, amakvitaa is not saying that it is a nice or proud work to do, but we should look at the two sides of the sword and discover which is blunt, just believe me when i say they are not completely crazy.
always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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