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The state of mind of missing persons
Have you ever lost someone so dear to you?, not even to death but to an unknown faith,weather living or dead, poor or rich,sick or healthy, it is just totally unknown, do you know what it feels like to search for someone whose faith is unknown to you?.
Every day, hundreds of people go missing, women and children involved,the aged as well as the young, the rich as well as the poor. they might be kidnapped, abducted or

might have probably lost their way, some even go missing on their own free will, usually teenagers who thinks their families are being too hard on them.
Usually, when a person goes missing, after 7years or more the law court issues a death certificate to the family of the beloved assuming him to be dead, but is that the end of hope for his relations?, certainly no.
Even after many years of waiting for return, their relations never stop hoping to see them, they sometimes say to themselves ” probably he would be coming home today, tomorrow, this week”, all just on their imagination, they can’t just stop searching for their beloved.
This state of mind of hope might sometimes change their mindset and reasoning, in fact, it has turned many psychologically unbalanced and partially lunatic, even, in several occasions they mistook other people as their lost beloved, maybe because of his looks or voice.
All these are so because they never accept that their beloved is dead or lost forever even after the usual 7 years of legal declaration, so long as there is no evidence of his dead body, they always hope that he/ she is alive somewhere and would one day come to them, this has always been the state of mind of relatives and friends of the missing person.
It is often said that, it is better for a man to die than to go missing , because of the long term pain it might inflict on his family.
If you have never lost somebody with the evidence of death, then pray not to loose one, but if you have, there is always great hope of return, but how have his disappearance affected you?, or likewise how are you preparing for his return?, remember,live goes on.
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