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Demogracia- the grass root of democracy

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Demogracia- the grass root of democRACY

Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people as defined by the popular scholar, but there is a system of leadership dipper than democracy, the "Demogracia" system of government. In this system, the people becomes government themselves, by themselves and for themselves, every citizen here feels a sense of belonging. this system goes more dipper to the local communities than the confederation system of government, it gives no room for the concentration of power at the centre, in Demogracia, every local government chairman is solely responsible for the activities and project of his community. even though the country's total finance bill is brought to the federal government for

analysis and confirmation, it is later shared to the local governments through the state to carry out specific task, one at a time.
For instance if $10million is given to each local government as their share for school building project, and they are directed to build 6 secondary and 4 primary schools of at least 50 classrooms at respective towns in the local government area, this project will be given a specific period of time, when that time expires an investigating body will be drawn from the locality to confirm the work done. also finance for the commissioning of the project will be gotten from the community and not the government spending $5million to commission a project of $10millon.
If the work is reported to be well done then another project can be awarded to the local government chairman,but if not, the local government chairman will be removed.
This can be applied an any other project be it road, railway, housing, water, whatsoever.
The advantages of Demogracia system of government
are :
• it ensures equitable distribution of country’s resources among every citizen in their respective locality.
• Demodracia exposes the budget of a country and the minimum goal it is expected to achieve within a period of time, this will prevent theft by leaders without the citizens knowing.
• Every local government chairman is not accountable to the higher government, but to the people they serve, this ensures discipline by all leaders in other not to loss their contracts and office.
• The citizen have every right to cast a vote for impeachment anytime they find the local government chairman not working to expectations.
• The citizens are in direct contact with the contractors of their project which is the local government chairman, and they makes decisions with him, this makes the citizens government themselves.
Amakvitaa believes this will be the best system for most African countries, as this system reflects their traditional system of leadership which they are leaving behind.
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