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Rapture- coming before man’s unbecoming

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Rapture- coming before man's unbecoming

They call it the end of days, the apocalypse, the end of time, the judgement day, the hour of condemnation and resurrection, the omega of mans existence, the award giving day, a long awaited time, when the sum will rise from the west and set in the east, when the thunder sound is heard before lightening strikes, the moon seem brighter than the sun, the seas flows upward, the great Washington DC is too

terrified to broadcast and amakvitaa too confused to write, the deaf hears and the blind sees, it will surely come.
when all men shall see death which is certain, when evolutionists will have nothing to say, and science becomes powerless, when man shall shake hands with their spirits, father console daughters and mothers, sons.
When all you can give to your beloved is a hug and a smile full of love with no regret of your encounter with them in the soon becoming previous life, then the nothingness of man will be emphasised, a day in a million of years.
all surely will be short of words, the equality of man is noticed to be at its peak, even the sound of ones heartbeat is too loud to be heard, no dance will rhyme  with the continuous sounding trumpets, it caught them before they could cross their T and dot their I, Just one thing on everyone’s mind, to be saved through the passage of fire, no body seem worthy to beg for forgiveness, their faces looked as if they have judge themselves before the judges final words, they are afraid of what their eyes was seeing, glory upon glory approaching.
At this time they don’t care about their destination, but about that of their loved ones, be ready, that day is at hand. It was for this reason that amakvitaa wrote a letter to the un-believers
This day have been awaited for over 7000 years, this have made many including believers, question its validity. Generation upon generation, decade upon decade, still thesame question, is there anything like God or rapture?, the truth is that Jesus himself could not say the day, but again he reminded all believers to stay awake and watchful, even, that we might be rewarded with the gift of ïncurruptability.
always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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