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The gift of incorruptibility


The gift of incorruptibility

Do you believe that humans can remain in-corrupt or not-decay after death?, have you seen any?.
From the scriptures “i will not leave your soul amongst the dead, nor let my beloved know decay”, this is a promise God made to some righteous men and women of honour and dignity who imitated Christ’s humility at its peak.”
In-corruption of the body is different from preservation or embalment as in the like of pope john XXIII, the remains of many saints and non saints, the likes of st. Francis Xavier, st. Julie billiart, st.Catherine of genon, st. Bernadette, st. Zita, st. Rita, st. Virgina centurion e, st. padre Pio and so on where found in-corrupted even after many years of scientific and natural experiments, though some, parts, while others the whole body.
These people lived just like every other person, but due to their personal character and relationship with God, they have attracted Gods grace and his gift of incorruptibility as written in the scripture. These people are not born holy, but their choice of lifestyle and positive impact on people have purchased them these attributes, maybe they truly know the meaning of their being human.
Over the years many scientist have been set up to experiment on their remains and explain why they remained un-decayed, but non have significantly succeeded, also their remain have been placed besides decay catalyst such as lime, but nothing was achieved.
And till today, it remains a divine intervention, still unexplained by nature or science.
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