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Born to rule mentality- the godfather of African democracy

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Born to rule mentality- the godfather of African democracy

You know, when i was in class 5 our teacher used to tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, even during my junior and senior secondary school our principal keep telling us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, when i was in the university, our lecturers used to tell us we are the leaders of tomorrow, but now am getting confused. How can we lead tomorrow when those whom i was told, have ruled my country twice before my mother was born are still hovering around our government house searching for

vacant seats, i don’t get it, are we really going to lead one day?, or will it be in our graves?.
Our pot-bellied politicians never retire, from one seat to another, when will this end?, from year to year, still thesame old men, no new blood have been injected into our system, even the little young ones getting positions are sons and daughters of the predecessors.
This born to rule mentality is seriously killing Africa, they think they are born to rule, while others are born to serve. what a beautiful logic.
I guess political science is a siester course since zoologist, architects, botanist and bankers are getting top positions in our country.
Also, they inter-marry themselves, the son of a senator marries the daughter of a commissioner,so that their wealth will only circulate within themselves, this crazy mentality have caused many religious and tribal war across Africa, Nigerian biafran war, not excluded.
I think its time to stand up to these pot- bellied politicians, and if they refuse to retire, then they must expire. For me, i have rejected to be a leader of tomorrow,cos it seems tomorrow never ends, so my tomorrow have just started today, and if you are not tired of this crazy mentality, i am.
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  1. I agree with you amakvitaa It has to stop


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