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My Perspective On Hackers And Hacklords

My Perspective On Hackers And Hacklords

My Perspective On Hackers And Hacklords

    Hackers break through peoples privacy without their permission, thus causing harm to peoples trust on safety in both online and off-line platforms, and in return they get their jail term reward, but is it fair enough?. We spend more time punishing them for the crimes they commit, but we totally forget the good they are silently doing to civilisation. Hackers and hacklords themselves are civilisation because there is no revolution without them. During the end of the 21st century, many professional hacklords spranged up, each specialising on a particular mission, these

mission might be E-mail passwords hacking, Facebook and other social media hacking and spying, ATM card hacking, secured door passage penetrating, bank account hacking, mobile phone and SIM hacking and opening, GPS tracking of position, to mention but a few. So let’s see how they have helped humanity with all those fowl works.
These people don’t just arrive at a solution after a night sleep, it was organised and planned for with many months, sometimes years of research and hard work, giving up their quality and pleasurable time just to find answers. So when they succeed in hacking through, they are being jailed and fined rather than compensated For hard work.
Do you know that without the activities of hackers there would be no need for thoughts of development and upgrade in the field of security.
Without the tampering of hackers on the signature way of security, there would be no need for the development of biometrics and thumb print , without their activities in E-mail and internet password hacking, there would be no need for the invention of double authentication system and so on.
So you see, they are vastly responsible for the continuous civilisation and inventions going on in the world, by their habit of fault finding they create room for advanced science.
In general, am not saying its a nice habit spying on peoples privacy, but I think that they need to be appreciated at least rather than being fined or jailed, this will encourage our great hacklords to willingly explain the fault of a particular invention to the right organisation rather than experimenting it on a subject to extract money. You know that’s just their way of life just like those who lived by their pen.
My twale and applaud to all hackers and hacklords all over the world who have contributed immensely to the 21st century inventions.
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