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Understanding The Mystery Of The Holy Trinity


Understanding The Mystery Of The Holy Trinity

Understanding The Mystery Of The Holy Trinity

  Do you believe in the holy trinity?, ( that is the union of God the father, Son and holy spirit). If yes, Do you really understand it?, or do you just agree with the mystery because your parents or ancestors believed. Are you an opposition, have you called them three gods as the popular critics say?, Well, I will not say you are wrong, but beware that half knowledge is far more dangerous than no knowledge, as the bible says " my people perish for lack of knowledge". My sincere greetings and twale to you brethren, I am honoured to write you once again, I remember I last wrote you on Understanding Purgatory, I hope that after reading this, you will grow stronger in faith, as faith comes from hearing, and hearing the word of God. From the qur'an, the opening, the first chapter, it says "In the name of Allah the one true God, the benevolent, you alone we turn for help", from this text, this is certain, that there is only one True God who created heaven and earth. But before I begin my explanations, keep in mind that I am

not explaining how the trinity exists, for it is completely a mystery, it is above the reasoning of man but revealed by God. So I’m only explaining the validity of the holy trinity.
From the bible (gen 1:24), “God said, come LET’S make man in our own image and likeness”. Observe that word “let’s” this show that there are more than one person during the creation of the world.
Again, still from Genesis “the spirit of God filled the earth as the earth was without form and void”, but if God is a spirit, how can a spirit have spirit?, you see I told you from the start that it is purely a mystery, so don’t try to think of it, nevertheless we have discovered two personalities, God the father whom called on others and God the holy spirit whom filled the earth.
Again, in the book of john ( 1 john1:1-5), it says “in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God, and nothing was created without the word”, from this text we have found another personality whom was in the beginning, “the word”, that whom God the father used to create the world after God the holy spirit have filled the earth.
So let’s find out who that word is, again from (john1:1), “the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us”, with this text we have only one person in mind, Jesus Christ, whom was often referred to as the “word of God”, but we need to be certain.
We recall that Jesus said ” I tell you most solemnly, before Abraham I was”, this statement is clear, if Jesus Christ was before Abraham, that means he was also in the beginning, but does that mean he is also equal with the other two personalities, because he never agreed that he was equal with God the father whom he called his own father, thus he always claimed that all he did was an Order from above.
But again Jesus said “the father is in me and I am in him, if you have seen me, you have seen the father who sent me”, yes, we are getting somewhere, but first let’s confirm his equality with God the father and God the holy Spirit.
From the bible ( Philippians 2:6), it says “Jesus always had the nature of God, but he did not think of proving his equality God, instead, of his own free will, he took the nature of a servant and accepted death, death to a cross”. Yes we are there!, this was the reason why Jesus never compared himself with God the father, his humility was the cause. Nevertheless, we are now sure that Jesus Christ is the “word” whom John spoke of, and that he is equal with God the father and God the holy Spirit. No wonder!, he was condemned to death by the Jews because he called himself the son of God whom the Jews knew must be equal with God, so they called it blasphemy!.
But the truth is that we can not really understand or call Jesus God without being filled with the holy spirit, this must be the reason why Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, doubted at first, but later confessed to Jesus saying (john 20:28), “my lord and my God”, here Thomas being in the spirit called Jesus “God”.
So finally, we have confirmed the validity of the holy trinity, we have concluded that these are certain:
God the father, son and the holy spirit are the three personalities that existed before the creation, and all worked in separate ways, but are still equal, thus make up the holy trinity.
The truth is that how these three personalities existed is a mystery, but based on inspiration, amakvitaa have imagined this:
God the father might be the body-like part of the trinity, as he was the one that made Adam from dust with his hands, he also took a bone from Adam and made Eve.
God the son might be the word that God the father spoke, as he have always said “I am the way, the truth and the life”all these are words, also, during the incarnation ( that is when God the son became flesh), it was only a “word” from angel Gabriel that made Mary conceive “God the son” incarnate.
And lastly, God the holy ghost might be the spirit-like part of the trinity as he behaves like a spirit,”filling the whole world in the book of Genesis,that must be in wind-like form, secondly, he appeared in form of a strong wind to the apostle during the day of penticost, thirdly he appeared to Elijah in the form of a cool breeze, also from the gospel when Jesus appeared to the disciple, he breathed air on them before commanding them on the forgiveness of sin, this air he breathed on them is sure to be the holy spirit, thus, Jesus Christ breathed out the holy spirit on the apostles and God the father spoke out the word which is Jesus Christ during the creation, this might be the cause of the speak-able hyrachy during pronunciation or prayers, the father, the son, and the holy spirit.
In conclusion, amakvitaa have written this post based on inspiration and belief, you are also entitled to your own understanding, you can let the world know through your reply. Thanks.
Once again, my greetings to you, have a nice luck in your journey to eternal happiness.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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