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When The Winner Takes It All

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      Image result for winner take all Competition has been a vital and significant characteristic of living things, and there have always been a reward for the strongest, bravest, in fact, the winner, but what happens when human compete like lower animals, what I meant was, why must the winner take it all?. Have you ever participated in a two man competition which you lost, and the winner gets all the price, not even the shell of a snail was left for you?, if yes, how do you feel afterwards?. Psychologically you must not fell good, that doesn't mean you are bad,or you have bad intentions, that's what am saying. As humans, a winner is not supposed to have all, that should make us different from lower animals, whenever the winner takes it all in a competition, the loser often looks so small and

vanquished, even if sports or statesmanship is shown.
At least organisers of competitions should try to set aside small prices for the loser, this will help keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive, it will also help in reducing contempt, anger, jealousy and low self esteem.
We don’t have to make the loser look useless because he lost, being a loser is enough, no compensation is worst, with such behaviour the risk of malice and conflict will be uncontrollably high.
Do you know?, a “winner takes it all competition” has been discovered by amakvitaa’s researchers to be the major cause of hatred and jealousy amongst sportsmen and statesmen.
This has made politics a dirty game, which is a do or die affair, because the losers of election are not properly compensated, they feel too small, embarrassed and Humiliated to the peak. with this mindset, they are left with no option than to disturb and destroy the tenure of the winner.
Finally I think that those at the top in various settings should always remember to give to Ceaser what is his and reserves for God what is due to him, you know what I meant right?, and the reason is because all fingers don’t have to be equal for them to feed on thesame plate.
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