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How Nigerian Presidents Are Being Choosed

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Image result for all nigerian president After Nigeria got independence in the year 1960, it was believed by amakvitaa that Nigerians have a common pattern by which they choose their successive presidents. This pattern is laughably based on compensation. But regrettably, except from the biafran war which lead to the operation of the igbo tribe of the east and the killing of the then head of state; general Aguiyi Ironsi, there have been no other war in Nigeria that was not compensated for with a president. As far as I gained knowledge of the government in Nigeria;. In 1998, when the then winner of the presidential election, chief Abiola was killed, the yoruba people of the south west was at rage and promised revenge on Nigeria, this led to the destruction and cheap sales of private properties in the north and other part of the country. But aftermath, they were compensated with Rt. Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, as Nigerians elected him their president. During the tenure of General

Olusegun Obasanjo, there was a believed unfair trial and death of Alh. Yar’adua, this also made the hausa-fulani people of the north to be at rage and promised revenge on Nigeria, but when the tenure of president olusegun obasanjo was completed the hausa-fulani people of the north were compensated with the diseased younger brother, Alhaji Musa Yar’adua, whom Nigerians elected their president in 2007.
Now during the tenure of Alh. Musa Yar’adua, there was a proposed war between the Niger Delta region (lead by Government Chief Tompolo Ekwempolo) and the Nigerian government, this was because the Niger Delta believed that as the oil producing region which is the main source of Government revenue, they were not properly taken care of, and that more harm was done to their land than good. Shortly after, president Umaru Musa Yar’adua died of sickness which was believed to be of the kidney, what next?, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was used to compensate the Niger Delta region, as Nigerians voted him their president in 2011, this lead to the success of the amnesty programme.
During the tenure of Dr. Jonathan, the boko haram war broke out in the north east and was internationally recognised as the war proposed to be against Western education and civilisation, but it was actually sponsored by some selfish politicians who refused to retire.
Among all the conflict and war that have taken place in Nigeria the boko haram war is the most unreasonable war, in the sense that unlike the Abiola, Biafran, Yar’adua, Niger Delta or any other conflicts, the boko haram don’t even know what they want, how can they protest against civilisation and then use weapons of civilisation to fight, why must they use western tools and medicine to treat themselves, but to cut the story short, the north was later compensated with Rt. General Muhammadu Buhari whom Nigerians elected their president in 2015. Because they believed he is the right man to stop the incessant killings in the north east.
Who knows what next tomorrow, which part of the country need to be compensated, but should Nigeria continue to live on compensation an settlements?, is there any other way out?, or do you think amakvitaa is wrong?, let’s hear from you.
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