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The Mysterious Death Of A Lizard.

I woke up one day to find this red-head lizard hanging dead on the wall, this event occurred in agbor, delta state, Nigeria. As of this moment amakvita’s researchers could not yet conclude on the cause of its death, but as you can see in this video its no Ordinary death, sure death is certain but not like this.

The lizard in question was found dead in a moving position, this shows that its encounter was sudden and very fast.
Secondly, its mouth was found open, with its eyes as with as snow.
Its skin has dried even though the incident happened during the night, its belly was stuck inside, as though it had no intestine, very mysterious right?.
Well, let’s hope this is not some sort of epidemic, for our own good.
Always remember you read and watched it first from amakvita.

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