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The Fate Of The Physically Challenged During Political Elections



The Fate Of The Physically Challenged During Political Elections

The Faith Of The Physically Challenged During Political Elections


During election periods, when the time comes for the citizens to choose the leaders to represent them in various positions, eligible voters move from one voting unit to another with the aim of getting themselves accredited for elections, yes, some are anxious for that day to come, while others show total political apathy.
Perhaps, this is Not thesame ball game for those whom are physically challenged, of course they are also eligible voters by the virtue of their citizenship, and they have full right to vote for the candidates of their choice, that is, if they were opportune to do so.
The world is going biometrics, this means that those without thumbs have no say, but that’s not our discussion, let’s look at the faith of other physically challenged during election.
The deaf and dumb for instance have no knowledge of the intentions of political candidates because they can’t hear the manifestos read during campaigns, they have no say because they hear nothing, no wonder why they are called citizens with halved rights.
The fate of the blind is even worse, they have never seen their leaders, live or in the media, neither have they seen their projects or works, they only hear their names, you know?, people have more things to do with time rather than lead a physically challenged to the polling units to cast his or her vote.
So the physically challenged can see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing while the faith of their country go down the stream.
Yet some of those who are physically healthy seats at home during elections, showing indifference in the decision making of their country.
They are not even interested in knowing how their presidents are being choosed.
I hope our modern technology could help them in its own way, and that the rest of the community could support and respect their rights without discrimination. Let’s just see where the wind vane points in the forthcoming election.
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