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What Our Government Never Understood About Pidgin English.

government "From today onward, any one caught speaking pidgin English will pay 20 box, if not he or she will be mercilessly flogged". Hmm!, that what our headmaster used to tell us back then during my basic education, but you know, I caught him one day discussing with one of our female teacher using same pidgin English that he banned, no! no!, I was not caught, no one saw me, perhaps if he did, he would be ashamed of himself. My first admission into the university was made rather impossible because I

failed English language in my WASCE examination, its no new story right?.
Why must our Government compare our country with that of her neighbors?, a popular proverb says ” if a rat imitate a lizard in swimming, when the skin of the lizard dry instantly, will that be the case with the rat?.
Our Government looks up to Ghana, the speak English, they don’t speak pidgin English, but we forgot that Ghana has only one local or national language, same with Britain, they speak only English as both national and international language, the whole of Portugal speak Portuguese as their national language, France speak French, same with Cameroon and other countries.
Its nothing serious, they interact with one common national language and then study one foreign language for business and international relation. That’s normal.
But here in Nigeria, its totally different, over 300 local languages with their subdivision, for example, an Anambra man cannot hear what a Nsuka man speaks, but both are called the igbo speaking tribe which is one of the over 300 tribes in Nigeria, that’s how complicated it is.
That’s why nature and coincidence played its part by introducing pidgin English in Nigeria, believe it or not its Nigeria’s national language, that’s the only language we can use to communicate internally, so why ban our pidgin English.
We know we have to study English, French, Chinese and other foreign languages in school to enhance our international relationships, but why force it on us, perhaps I could hire an interpreter when the need arises, just kidding!.
But seriously why stop me from speaking my simple pidgin English, it is just easy to understand because it has no rule unlike the usual British and American English, for example, who is coming can simple mean ” who dey come” in pidgin English.
And why shouldn’t I speak it, the need for language after all is communication, so if pidgin English can make my fellow average Nigerian understand me, is that not great?.
Ghana speak one national language and so does Cameroon, but what is Nigerian national language?; hausa, igbo, yoruba, efik, ibibio, gbagi, gwari, ika, idoma, fulani, how many can I mention, which of them will represent Nigeria in an international culture and language competition, do you now see my point of view?, only pidgin English can do that.
See now, an average Nigerian child has to learn three compulsory languages; his mother tongue, pidgin English and British English, amakvitaa also learnt that our government is trying to inculcate french and Chinese language into our school’s scheme of work, they want to make it compulsory also.
I am feed up, I feel like being the man in charge, things will surely change, pidgin English is here to stay, our government and the international community just have to accept it, so who is with me?.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.


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