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My View On Science And Supernaturality.

My View On Science And Supernaturality. How do you explain reality?, perhaps whatever can be seen felt and heard is real. Now what about supernatural?, amakvita defined supernaturality as any occurring and real events which cannot yet be explained by scientific phenomenons. Jesus Christ walked on water, don't say its impossible for you to do thesame, why not?, why will our God, the omniscient and omnipresence not want to teach us how?, perhaps the time is not yet right for us to know. If video cameras were invented during the time of jesus' death, perhaps you could imagine how his picture on the cross would look like in the modern day internet, you see, God is omnipotent, he know the answer to the question, "why". During Paul's missionary journey he would have wished he

could call, text or video-call the philipians rather than write them, which will take months to be delivered, because the matter arising in the church then was urgent, but then it was impossible for Paul cos no one have that knowledge then.
But today pope Francis I, can easily write to Pakistan on an issue, or even use a video call and it will be aired lived as he speaks from Rome.
If Paul was opportune to use video call, with his zeal for spreading the Good News, his massage might have gone round the world several times within a minute, a if that happens, what next?, rapture will come , do you see why God delayed that knowledge also.
If lead gun had been invented during the time of Christ, pilate would have requested him to be executed by gun shot to ease his pain, but then if it happened, all Christ’ significant words and signs on the cross would not have been possible and the scripture will not have been fulfilled.
So do you think walking on the sea, or healing the blind with dust is impossible?, certainly no, just a deep knowledge of the mind force might be required. Nevertheless, I don’t see it happen in this our generation .
We should never use the word “impossible”, just as we can’t use the word “ “free”, for anything . Whatever we can’t explain we call it spiritual, just as speaking to the philipians from Rome or Jerusalem was supernatural to Paul then.
My sadness is that some scientists often doubt the validity of God’s existence , maybe because they don’t fully understand the complete truth behind some discoveries, nevertheless I have written a letter to the unbelivers.
I believe Allah who gives of knowledge will give us understanding when the time is right, but believe me, that thought on you mind right now is possible.
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