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The Childhood We Left Behind

The Childhood We Left Behind

The Childhood We Left Behind

  We are now grown-ups, we are big for the better, we've left our childhood behind with no hope of returning to it, or are you getting any younger?. It has been years now and I know we've all forgotten our early stages of life, but he who cannot recall where he is coming from can't really say where he is going, it is on this note that I would like us to cast our mind back to how we used to live when we were much younger. How was your childhood like?, were you a dad's pet or a regular child just like the African child. What was the level of your reasoning then?, how far have you gone now?, do you remember anything about your childhood : > - when we'd spray salt on

earthworm and watch it shrink and die.
> – when we’d go outside to take our bath when it rains.
> – when we’d sleep on the couch in our sitting room and wake up the next morning on the bed in our bedroom.
> – when we’d throw our fallen tooth on the roof with the hope of getting new ones.
>- when we’d wash our hands and legs instead of bathing before going to school, maybe because of the cold or we are already late.
> – When we’d play hide and sick game with friends.
> – when we’d fly our kite and watch it go higher than that of others.
– When we would build sand houses with our legs.
> – when we’d close the fridge slowly to see when the light goes off.
>- when we’d wave our hands to white birds with the hope of making our nails whiter.
> – when we’d cook with sand and leaves and never taste it.
> – when all we thought about life was food and fun.
Then we don’t have to think about others, all we do is solely for our selves.
But now, we are different, mentally and physically, we’ve Earnestly prayed to grow when we were much younger, here we are, it is certain that time will not stop, neither can we cheat on it like the African time.
Now that we are grown, we are left with no other option that to face the challenges that life brings to us as human being , keeping in mind that nothing is free.
And as nothing is for free, we have to pay for the life we live somehow, and time is the only payment to life.
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