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Babcock University surgeons performs heart surgery on 34-yr-old woman

Four resident doctors at the Babcock University
(BU) Teaching Hospital have successfully carried
out the first heart surgery at the institution on
Wednesday 14th of October.
The cardiothoracic surgeons who carried out the
operation at the University’s Tristate Heart and
Vascular Centre are Professor Kamar Adeleke ,
Dr. Michael Sanusi , Dr. Mudashiru Lawal and Dr.
Edward Anderson , the head of the team.
The patient, a 34-year-old woman, had a milk
valve replacement.
Following the successful operation, BU’s Vice
president, Development and Strategy, Olukunle
Iyanda , attributed the success to God.
“This is inspirational and praiseworthy; another
achievement by God through mortal men,”
Iyanda said.

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