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AAU Freshers Registration, Clearance Procedures – 2015/16

Ambrose Alli University, AAU online registration and clearance procedures for the 2015/2016 academic session newly admitted candidates. This is to inform all Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma admitted candidates that the processing of admissions for 2015/2016 Academic Session commences on Monday, 26th October 2015. Consequently, all admitted candidates are to pay all relevant fees: acceptance fee , tuition fee and concessional admission fee to enable them obtain their matriculation numbers online. Please note that the concessional admission fee is applicable only to those whose original course of choice was changed. All admitted candidates are to submit their files containing the following to the Faculty Officers at their various Faculties: 1. Copy of their e-admission slip. 2. Copy of their clearance page and eligibility form. 3. Copy of their online-generated Matriculation number page. 4. Copies of the University receipt for all relevant fees paid online. 5. Sworn affidavit/undertaking to be of Good Conduct as collected from the office of the Dean of Students. All admitted candidates are to follow the guidelines for the processing of their admission as detailed below: PROCEDURE/ GUIDELINE: Please find below the procedures for; (i) Request password for first-time login (ii) Start Clearance, (iii) Check Clearance Status (iv) Payment of Acceptance fee/School fees, Hostel Accommodation etc. (v) Online Matriculation Number and (vii) Course registration. REQUEST PASSWORD FOR FIRST-TIME LOGIN Go to https: // (request a new password here) Enter ONLY your Last-Name (Surname), Jamb Registration Number, email address and click “Send login credentials to email address”. Check your mail box, click on the “Confirmation link”, enter “Your user name” and “Your password”. Click “Edit” to update your Phone Number and Click “Change Portrait” to upload your passport. Click “download Admission letter” to Download/Print e-admission slip. START CLEARANCE: (a) After login as described above, Click ‘My Data’, —> Click ‘Clearance Data’, Click ‘Edit’, enter your correct details and upload all relevant documents e.g. o level, JAMB result, birth certificate etc —> and click on ‘Save and request clearance’ at the bottom of the page. CHECKING OF CLEARANCE STATUS: Click login or Go to with login credentials. e.g. user name= E2014171, password = 234052 Top right on the page shows clearance status with the following messages; Clearance requested: Check back again if you have NOT been cleared by the Clearance Officer. Clearance started: The clearance officer has sent you a message why you have

not been cleared. To enter your correct details,
Click ‘My Data’, —> Click ‘Clearance Data’, —
>Click ‘Edit’, enter your correct details —> and
click on ‘Save and request clearance’ at the
bottom of the page.
Cleared: You have been cleared by the
Clearance Officer; please proceed to pay
your acceptance fee and school fees.
Click “My Data” tab at the top of the Page,
click “payments”.
Click on the Add Online Payment Ticket
Under Category: Select the appropriate
payment item (i.e: acceptance fee or
School fees).
Click on the Payment_ID of the ticket
Click on ‘CollegePAY’ at top of your page.
Confirmation page will appear to enable you
cross-check your payment details. If ok,
Click ‘Submit’ to proceed with the payment
through Interswitch payment gateway.
Select your card type (Verve or Master
Card), enter your card details and click
“Pay”. Note: Your CVV2 is the 3- digit
number printed at the back of your card.
Click on the Payment_ID of the ticket just
Download and print the payment_slip (which
you are to present to the teller at the
designated bank outlet where cash payment
is to be made). Logout from the portal and
proceed to the bank.
At the Bank, submit your portal ‘payment
slip’ along with your cash deposit and the
teller will provide you a print-out (e-
Tranzact payment slip) with details of the
payment just made including the e-Tranzact
payment Confirmation Order Number –
Proceed to the internet and login again to:
https:/ /
Select Payments from My Data tab at the
top of the page.
Click on the Payment_ID of the ticket you
created earlier i.e. acceptance fee or School
fees etc.
Click on Query e-Tranzact History at top of
your page.
Enter your e-Tranzact Payment Confirmation
Order Number (PIN) as printed on the slip
provided to you at the bank.
Click on submit to e-Tranzact to validate
the cash payment made at the designated
bank outlet.
Download and print your payment slip for
the session which you are to submit to the
Bursar’s office for collection of the
University’s receipt.
After login as described above,
Click ‘My Data’, click ‘Base Data’, and click
‘Get Matriculation Number’
(Matriculation number will automatically be
assigned) only after the payment of all stipulated
fees i.e. acceptance fee, school fees e.t.c.
Click ‘Download matriculation number slip’
to download or print your matriculation slip.
After login as described above, select study
course from the My Data tab at the top of
the page.
Click on “Add course list” button.
Click on “Create course list now” button.
Click on “Edit course list” button to edit
courses (“Add course ticket” or “Remove
selected tickets” buttons to add or remove
selected courses which you might have
added in error).
You can edit courses until you have
registered all your courses for the session.
Then click on the Register course list
button to submit your courses.
Download and print your course registration
slip which you are to submit to your course
Students are advised to collect their University
receipt for acceptance, tuition and concessional
fees from the University faculty accountants
attached to their Faculties.
Copies of all relevant credentials, online
generated matriculation number page, clearance/
eligibility forms and University receipts are to be
submitted in a file to the Dean of Students for
clearance before submitting same to the Faculty
Officers at the various Faculty offices.
All admitted candidates are to visit the
University’s web site @
and portal @ for further
details on the guidelines for the processing of
their admissions.
All admitted candidates of Ambrose Alli
University, Ekpoma are to be guided accordingly.


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