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Rufus giwa poly ND student develop Automatice change-over device.

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Automatice change-over device. Right is
Mr. Akin u
Olawuyi Emmanuel, the innovator
“I studied at Don Bosco Technical Institute
Akure and
finished in 2009. I went on to The
Polytechnic Owo where I
graduated with Ordinary National Diploma
(OND) in
Electrical Electronics.
After my industrial training, I sat down to
think of the next
step to take using the knowledge I had
acquired from the
technical school and the polytechnic. I came
up with this
device, Automatic change-over device,”said
The device
“Before now, most people used the manual
from generator to the public power supply
but I thought
there must be a better way. I felt that instead
of going
outside or downstairs to change over
manually, we can have
a device that will do it automatically and even
turn off your
power generator once the public power
supply is restored.
So, what this device does is to change from
generator to
public power supply and turn off the
automatically when power is restored.”
“The device comes in different capacities —
over 100 amps,
100 amps, and some below 100 amps
capacity. The 100
amps device can conveniently be used in a
two-bedroom flat
with air conditioners. In industries, higher
capacities are
needed. There is also the 80 amps capacity
change-over for homes.”
Said Emmanuel: “The change-over device is
durable. There
are imported change-over devices but they
do not last. This
locally made device is durable. I have made it
for so many
people and one of them who was using an
imported one
told me it lasted for only six months but the
locally made
ones last very long.”
How it works
“If we want to install this automatic change-
over device in a
home, we remove the manual change-over
and connect all
the wires connected to the manual change-
over to the
terminal connector of the automatic change-
over device.
Then there will be a wire from the device
down to the
generator so when there is light, the
automatic change-over
device senses it with the help of a relay
inside and when the
relay senses that there is light, it will
automatically trip off
the generator and light comes on. There is no
going to
change over manually or to turn off the
generator,” he said.
“We have the leaves, contactors,
transformers, indicator
light, push buttons and wires all purchased
from the local

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