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UNILORIN – How Examination Might be Conducted – Drone Team

If the authorities of the University of Ilorin
accede to
suggestions by members of the institution’s
Drone Team, it
is highly probable that the University will, in
future, monitor
examinations conducted within the campus
with drones.
The drones, developed by a team coordinated
by Prof.
Sulyman AbdulKareem of the Department of
Engineering, added colours to the just
concluded 40th
anniversary/31st convocation ceremonies of
the University.
Other members of the Unilorin Drone Team
include Dr. M.T.
Yakubu of the Department of Biochemistry;
Dr Baba a of
the Department of Physics; Engineer Eric and
Mr. Ahmed,
both of the Department Electrical and
In separate interviews with Unilorin Bulletin
last Thursday
(November 12, 2015), the Co-ordinator of the
team, Prof.
AbdulKareem, and another key member of
the team, Dr.
Yakubu, said that drones can be used to
monitor the
conduct of examinations in future as well as
general campus
surveillance in conjunction with the security
According to Prof. AbdulKareem, “the use of
drones has
come to stay because where you don’t want
to endanger
human life, a machine, which a drone is, can
go there and
still get the information you need”. He
pointed out that
“drones, rather than infringing on human
rights, actually
protect human rights because the man who
wants to do evil
and knows that a machine can remotely
capture his act, will
not likely do it”.
The Unilorin Drone Team Coordinator, who is
the immediate
past Vice-Chancellor of Al-Hikmah University,
disclosed that some academic departments in
the University
have started showing interest in the use of
the drone. He
said, “I believe that apart from giving
practical knowledge to
those in Geography, Electrical Engineering
and Physics,
virtually any Department that may have a
reason to capture
events beyond what is in front of the camera,
which has to
be aerially covered, can use the drone.”
Prof. AbdulKareem urged the University
administration to
challenge people to do more “because there
are lots of
students who are eager to learn and who
have ideas that
they can put into practice if they have good
supervision. He
said, “I believe it is a matter of
encouragement. Most
Nigerian universities should be able to do
wonderful things
and make major breakthroughs”, noting that
some students
were co-opted into the team to learn how to
operate or fly
the drones.
The Drone Team Coordinator enjoined the
newly appointed
ministers especially for the areas of science
and technology,
“to see a need for us to self-develop, self-
evolve, and self-
emancipate as a nation”. He said, “For a long
time now, we
have relied on personnel from foreign
countries to bail us
out of every technical problem we get into,
but the issue is
that, we have so many Nigerians that are
trained abroad
that are here and even those who have not
left the country
that are equally talented that should be
encouraged to do
wonderful things for the nation.”
Prof. AbdulKareem maintained that the new
“should see their appointments as a chance
of working with
the academics in the educational institutions
to promote
what will be good for the nation, to make the
nation as a
whole self-reliant on personnel that are
available locally.”
In the same vein, Dr. Yakubu said, “We can
also use the
drone to monitor what is happening on our
borders; we
have a very vast amount of land, and we can
use it to track
activities that are going on there. Invariably,
we can use the
drones to cover the entire University and in
information to the appropriate quarters. ”
The Biochemistry Lecturer, who urged the
University to
ensure that the use of drones on the campus
functional and sustained, advised that “it
should not only be
used during the convocation as we did last
time, but we
should put it to all-round use on campus.
Dr Yakubu said that drones can be used to
monitor the
conduct of examinations in future; we can
use it for
surveillance on the campus and when you
look at all these,
it will be of advantage to the whole
University”, he stressed.


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