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Most bloggers prefer to start with the Blogger
platform because it is an awesome free tool to
start blogging. However, many Blogger users
later realize that if they need full control of their
blog, they’d be better off with their own self
hosted WordPress blog
In this step by step tutorial I’ll show you how to
switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing
Google rankings
Firstly, you have to sign up for WordPress
hosting and set up your domain name. The next
step is to install WordPress on your new website.
Once you have installed WordPress, it is time to
import your content from Blogger to WordPress.
Importing your blog to WordPress
To import your Blogger blog to WordPress, you
need to go to Tools » Import and click on
Blogger. A popup will come up, asking you to
install Blogger importer. Click on the Insall
button and WordPress will download and install
Blogger Importer plugin for you. Once it is
installed the plugin, you need to click on Activate
Plugin and Run Impoter link to continue.
On the next screen, you will be asked to
authorize WordPress to import your Blogger blog.
You need to click on this ‘Authorize button”,
which will take you to your Google Accounts
page. On your Google Accounts page, you will be
notified that the application WordPress is
requesting permission to manage your Blogger
account. Click on the “Allow Access button” to
You will be redirected back to WordPress where
you will see the list of your Blogger blogs. All you
need to do is click on the import button next to
the blog you want to import. WordPress will now
import your blogger posts from blogger, once it is
finished you will be required to assign an author
to the imported posts.
Setting your Permalinks
Permalinks is the term used for the URL
structure of links for individual entries or posts in
blogs. WordPress comes with a feature that
allows you to set your SEO friendly URL structure
However, since you are importing content from
Blogger you would want your URL structure to be
close to your Blogger URL structure as much as
possible. To set permalinks you need to go to
Settings » Permalinks screen and choose Month
and Name as your permalink structure.
Feed Redirecting
On your old blogger site, your feed subscribers
will not be able to notice the switch. So it would
be best to redirect your blogger feed to your new
WordPress site’s feed as well. To do that, you
need to go to your Blogger account. Go to the
Settings >> Other and under the Site Feed
section click on Add link next to Post Feed
Redirect URL . Here you can enter your new
WordPress site’s feed address.
Importing images from Blogger to WordPress
After import, your Blogger posts may still have
images embedded which are still hosted on the
blogger platform. You can import these images
into your WordPress site. Follow the instructions
in our how to import external images in the
WordPress tutorial, this will import all images
from your blogger blog into your WordPress
Media Library.
Once the images are in your WordPress media
library you can create image galleries and use
other WordPress image related plugins with your
imported images. We hope this tutorial helped
you switch from Blogger to WordPress
successfully. Welcome to the WordPress
For questions and feedback, please leave a
comment below.

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