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After Letter to the Governor – KASU Medical Students On The Streets Again Over Non- accreditation

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Medical Students of Kaduna State University
have taken their plight (lack of accreditation) to
the streets. At the time of filing this report, they
are headed for Kashim Ibrahim House ‘hoping to
cry their hearts out to the governor on the issue
of their accreditation’ according to one of the
students (name withheld).
It is to worthy of note that the same students
have been stranded for the better part of the 5
years they’ve spent in school (3 years to be
exact) after a protest on 9th September the
Commissioners of Health and Education together
assured the students that all facilities will be put
in place within 3 weeks and MDCN will come and
give the school accreditation to allow the
students continue with their studies.
These promises were not upheld and the
students about a week ago wrote the Governor
on the need to avert an imminent Peaceful
protest which they promised will be continuous
and unrepentant until they are accredited.
Recently, the government of Kaduna State has
through the media made it clear the Medical
Students were no longer an emergency since it
decided to send about 40 students to Uganda for
the next six years this in the eye of experts is a
cruel and misguided attempt; because
accrediting KASU will make for the graduation of
over 200 doctors within just a 5 year period, yet
the government chooses to lavish an even
greater sum in training a meager 40 for 6 years.
It is hoped that the Governor at a time as this
will look favourably to the accreditation issue,
this students have suffered vigorous screening
exercise only for their dreams to be crushed by
government policies.


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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