KSUSTA Sales Of Forms And Registration For Postgraduate Programmes 2015/2016 – How to Apply

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This is to inform the general public that sales of
forms for the 2015/2016 Postgraduate
programmes at the Kebbi State University of
Science and Technology, Aliero have
commenced. for more details please visit
KSUSTA Postgraduate Portal. Via this link below :

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    • see the list of courses as of 2016
      M.Sc. Biochemistry
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Environmental Biochemistry
      ⇒ Clinical Biochemistry
      ⇒ Nutritional Biochemistry
      ⇒ Pharmacological and Toxicological Biochemistry
      M.Sc. Botany
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Plant Physiology
      ⇒ Plant Ecology
      ⇒ Plant Taxonomy
      ⇒ Plant Pathology
      M.Sc. Microbiology
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Microbial Biotechnology
      ⇒ Medical/Pathogenic Microbiology
      ⇒ Environmental Microbiology
      ⇒ Food and Industrial Microbiology
      M.Sc. Zoology
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Entomology
      ⇒ Parasitology
      ⇒ Fisheries and Hydrobiology
      M.Sc. Computer Science
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Theory/Foundation of Comp. Sci.
      ⇒ Comp. Systems
      ⇒ Soft/w Engineering
      ⇒ Database Systems/Data Engineering
      ⇒ Computer Communications and Networks
      ⇒ Artificial Intelligence
      ⇒ Computer Forensics
      ⇒ Human Computer Interactions
      M.Sc. Chemistry
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Inorganic Chemistry
      ⇒ Organic Chemistry
      ⇒ Applied Chemistry
      ⇒ Environmental Chemistry
      ⇒ Analytical Chemistry
      ⇒ Petroleum Chemistry
      ⇒ Physical Chemistry
      M.Sc. Physics
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Energy Studies/Alternative Energy Sources
      ⇒ Condensed Matter/ Solid State Physics
      ⇒ Instrumentation/Electronics
      ⇒ Meteorology/ Physics of the Lower Atmosphere
      ⇒ Geophysics
      M.Sc. Mathematics
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Pure Mathematics
      ⇒ Applied Mathematics
      M.Sc. Statistics
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Sampling Theory
      ⇒ Design and Analysis of Experiments
      ⇒ Categorical Data Analysis
      ⇒ Biostatistics
      ⇒ Quality Control
      ⇒ Multivariate Analysis
      ⇒ Mathematical Statistics
      ⇒ Econometrics
      ⇒ Time Series
      ⇒ Operations Research
      M.Sc. Animal Science
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Animal Breeding and Genetics
      ⇒ Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry
      ⇒ Animal Physiology
      ⇒ Livestock Production Systems
      ⇒ Pasture and Range management /Forage Science
      ⇒ Livestock Product Science
      M.Sc. Crop Science
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Crop Production
      ⇒ Crop Breeding
      ⇒ Weed Science
      ⇒ Agricultural Entomology
      ⇒ Phytopathology
      M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Agricultural Production Economics and Farm Management
      ⇒ Agricultural Marketing
      ⇒ Agricultural Finance
      ⇒ Agribusiness Management
      ⇒ Agricultural Resource Economics
      M.Sc. Agricultural Extension
      Area of Specialization
      ⇒ Agricultural Extension
      ⇒ Rural Sociology

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