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AAUA Undergraduate School Fees Payment Procedure 2015/2016 For Returning Students

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Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-
Akoko (AAUA) Undergraduate School
Fees Payment Procedure [Returning
Students] for 2015/2016 Academic
Step 1.
All Returning students must view
and print their School Fees Payment
Invoice to know how much they are
paying and how to fill the teller and
make the payment at the bank. To
view/print school fees payment
invoice, on the portal landing page,
goto Quick Links->Print School Fees
Invoice->Print School Fees Invoice
Step 2.
On the Print School Fees Invoice
interface, supply your Matric
Number.If found on the school fees
payment setup, then the school fee
payment invoice is displayed for
viewing and printing. If not found, it
means you cannot pay at the bank.
Please contact ICTAC department of
the institution and register your
complaints. In this case, we will want
to see you in person to resolve the
issue and you will be able to view
your invoice and make school fees
payment. It indicates details of your
school fees information. Here is a
sample below and it must boldly
written on the teller.
fees payment type based of student’s
Faculty of study
COMPUTER SCIENCE is the student’s
Course of study
120404080 is the student’s Matric
Registration Number
student’s Full Name
200Level is the student’s Class Level
#26,300.00 is the amount student will
pay at the bank. This amount differs
for course of studies.
Step 3.
Visit any bank nationwide that is
closer to you, obtain the teller and
fill the teller as instructed in Step 2
above and tell the cashier or the
teller that you want to make payment
for Adekunle Ajasin University,
Akungba School Fees on eTranzact
Platform. After payment, make sure
you wait and collect your eTranzact
Payment Receipt. This is important
as it is your access to create account,
fill biodata form and course form
filling and printing.
Step 4.
After obtaining your eTranzact
payment receipt, you will go online
again and Confirm the School Fees
Payment you have made in the bank.
This is necessary as to ensure that
you are the real owner of the
eTranzact Payment Receipt. To
confirm the school fees, click on
Quick Links->School Fees Payment-
>Confirm School Fees. On the School
Fees Confirmation page, Supply your
Matric Number and the
Confirmation Order Number on your
eTranzact Payment Receipt you
obtained from the bank and click on
Submit button to confirm your school
fees payment. Once successful, you
will be redirected to the page where
you will be able to login to your
Step 5.
On the Login to your account
interface, if you have created an
account before, just login with your
username and password but you
don’t have account before , click on
“Create an account” link. Verify
School fees payment will be
displayed, supply your Matric
Number and click on Submit button.
If you have confirmed your school
fees payment before, then you will
be allowed to Create an Account and
SMS of your login credential with be
sent to your mobile set and your
email address and if the details of
your school fee confirmation
information cannot be found then
you will be denied to create an
account. Please ensure that during
account creation, you supply
functioning mobile set number and
email address.
Step 6.
Login to your account with your
username and password and fill all
necessary forms as appropriate and


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