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AAUA Undergraduate School Fees Payment Procedure ( UTME/DE Students) 2015/2016 For New Students

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Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-
Akoko (AAUA) Undergraduate School
Fees Payment Procedure [Freshers i.e
UTME/DE Students) for 2015/2016
Academic Session.
Step 1.
All Freshers(UTME/DE Students)
cannot pay in bank until they are
screened online during their biodata
registration. This means that all
freshers that have paid and
confirmed their acceptance fees are
eligible to create an account and
login with their username and
password created during account
creation section.
To create an account, on the portal
landing page, goto Quick Links-
>Student Account Login->Login to
your account
Step 2.
On the Login to your account
interface, since you are new, you will
have to create an account by clicking
on Create an account link below the
Login button. This takes you to
Confirm Acceptance Fees Payment
Step 3.
On the Confirm Acceptance Fees
Payment interface, supply your
UTME/DE Registration Number.The
system will check if you have
confirmed your acceptance fees. If
you have, you will be allowed to
Create an Account and SMS of your
login credential with be sent to your
mobile set and your email address
and if the details of your acceptance
fees confirmation information
cannot be found then you will be
denied to create an account. Please
ensure that during account creation,
you supply functioning mobile set
number and email address.
Step 4.
Login into your account with your
username and password and filled
all necessary fields. On the Olevel/
Other Results Section on your biodata
form, you must select your olevel
subjects and grades and/or other results
correctly(in case of DE students). When
you submit, the system will screen you
based on your results and check if you
are eligible for the course of study you
have been offered admission. If you
pass the screening, then you will be
able to pay in bank and continue your
course registration and if not, you will
not be able to pay in bank.
Step 5.
For successful students in Step 4
above, your school fees payment
invoice will be last page on your
printed document after you
submitted your have biodata form
online. It indicates details of your
school fees information. Here is a
sample below and it must boldly
written on the teller.

fees payment type based of student’s
Faculty of study
COMPUTER SCIENCE is the student’s
Course of study
35457678IJ is the student’s UTME/DE
Registration Number
student’s Full Name
#31,800.00 is the amount student will
pay at the bank. This amount differs
for course of studies.
Step 6.
Visit any bank nationwide that is
closer to you, obtain the teller and
fill the teller as instructed in Step 5
above and tell the cashier or the
teller that you want to make payment
for Adekunle Ajasin University,
Akungba School Fees on eTranzact
Platform. After payment, make sure
you wait and collect your eTranzact
Payment Receipt. This is important
as it is your access to course form
filling and printing.
Step 7.
After obtaining your eTranzact
payment receipt, you will go online
again and Confirm the School fees
Payment you have made in the bank.
This is necessary as to ensure that
you are the real owner of the
eTranzact Payment Receipt. To
confirm the school fees, click on
Quick Links->School fees Payment-
>Confirm School fees. On the School
fees Confirmation page, Supply your
UTME/DE Registration Number and
the Confirmation Order Number on
your eTranzact Payment Receipt you
obtained from the bank and click on
Submit button to confirm your school
fees payment. Once successful, you
will be redirected to the page where
you will be able to login to your
account again and have access to
your course form filling and
If you are denied payment after the
screening, you can do two(2) things;
1. Either obtain a ticket from our
ticketing system on the link

detailing your olevel and other
results and wait till you hear from us
2. Go directly to the admission office
for further directive.Do not be
dejected if you are denied payment
as it is another opportunity to
change to another department/
course of study.


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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