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UNIJOS Students Begs For End Of The 3 Months Strike Action

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University of Jos which is of resent ranked as
the second best of the second generation
universities has had its academic activities put
on hold due to strike embarked on by the
Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)
UNIJOS Chapter.
The university has been shut down for the past
three months and it seems there is no end to it
yet as the chairman of ASUU UNIJOS chapter
claims that since the strike commenced the
school management has met with them just once
and the management are not ready to meet
there demands.
The school management on the other hand
claims to have paid some money to the lecturers
but (ASUU) UNIJOS Chapter said the money paid
was not part of their demands that the money
was paid without the management giving reasons
for the payment.
It was also confirmed that (ASUU) UNIJOS
Chapter has demanded 100 million as there
share from the money released to all universities
from the last ASUU strike.
Now the questions begging for answers are: How
long will our lecturers keep us at home for there
problems with the school management? Why
can’t ASUU find other means of engaging the
school management without involving the
students? Why must the school with hold the
lecturers allowances?
These strikes are killing higher education in
We the students of UNIJOS therefore call on all
who believes in the future of this nation to
intervene in this ongoing strike in UNIJOS.


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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1 Comment on UNIJOS Students Begs For End Of The 3 Months Strike Action

  1. clinton egbe // __ March 17, 2016 at 9:25 AM // Reply

    It’s actually barbaric, I see no reason why student’s future should be put on hold for something that doesn’t concern them. When it’s not as if they’re not paying their school fees. There are other ways to tackle dis issue. Three months off academics haba! It’s uncalled for. Should the students suffer for what they’re not guilty of?

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