UNN VC Warns Students On Social Media Impostors Disguised as Varsity VC

Attention of the Vice-Chancellor of the University
of Nigeria, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba, has been
drawn to activities of impostors in the social
media who are using his name and photograph
to defraud unsuspected members of the public.
Please be informed that the Vice-Chancellor
does not initiate official transactions through the
Social media, neither has he mandated anybody
to serve as middle man in such unofficial
The official e-mail address of the Vice-
Chancellor remains- vc.unn@unn.edu.ng and not
ozumbabenjamin22@gmail.com or any of its kind
as paraded by fraudstars.
The general public is hereby cautioned against
responding to entreaties from such fake e-mails,
facebook chats and twitter posts. Icons and links
to official social media platforms of the
University of Nigeria are listed in the University’s
website –unn.edu.ng- You can make your
inquiries there.

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