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AAUA Introduces Study Exchange in USA & CANADA

Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko,
AAUA introduced study exchange in USA and
Canada. An agreement that allows movement of
students to and from AAUA.
Introduction: Going on an overseas exchange for
just a year may change someone’s life
permanently. It will undoubtedly have an impact
on student’s motivation to study, employability
as a graduate in a global jobs market, and on
development as a person. Such individuals will
be perceived as having useful, transferable skills,
as well as broad horizons, and adaptable
approach to life and work.
Student Exchange Agreement: An agreement that
allows movement of students to and from AAUA.
Students pay tuition fees to home institutions for
courses taken while on exchange, and may study
at the host institution for up to a maximum of
two academic years.
Criteria for Students’ Exchange Programme:
1. Student must be about to or have
successfully completed two years of full-
time study at AAUA.
2. Student must be in good standing with at
least a CGPA of 3.0.
3. Student must obtain an Exchange
Application Form at Linkage and
International Programme Office (LIPO) of
4. Student must submit a referee’s report of
good behavior, academic ability and
emotional maturity from a well-known
5. Student must submit the completed
Exchange Application Form to Exchange
Coordinator before the middle of April, 2016
for this year’s application (2016/2017
academic year). The application must be
signed by the Head of Department and
Dean of candidate’s Faculty.
6. The prospective candidate must pass the
interview to be conducted by the Board for
International Student Exchange.
7. The average cost of study at Troy
University, USA, is between $24, 000 and $
25,000, while University of Windsor, Canada,
is between $CAD 20,000 and $CAD 24,000.
The average cost of study at Alabama State
University, USA, is between $11,000 and $
13,000, the tuition fee of $9,220 will be
waived for selected students on exchange
For more information, please contact Prof. T.O.
Adejumo, Director, LIPO. E-mail: lipo@


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