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Fed Poly Ede ASUP Strike Action And The Injustice Against Students – Anonymous

When two elephants are in a tug of war, the
grass they say are those that will suffer for it,
Which brings about the commencement of an
industrial action between the Non-academic staff
union and the School management of Federal
Polytechnic Ede Osun State.
This strike which today marks the 8th day of its
kickoff has been a serious concern to all the
students most especially the stalites (some
stated their exams a day before the strike
started) in the institution.
Now, two heads/elephants are in a serious
disagreement, the students who knows nothing
about what could have prompted the
disagreement are the victim who suffers for the
cause and are being kept at home doing nothing.
The management is also happy to waste the
students’ time because they know they can’t do
The major concern of the students are those
who have spent 4 years obtaining Ordinary
National Diploma and those who have spent 3
good years just to obtain their Higher National
Diploma (HND) could not have the courage to
face either of them because they don’t want to
spend another extra year which the management
threatened to give them if they raise any alarm
about it.
Recently a student posted an article on
Facebook page of the institution, the article
caught the attention of the management and
they ordered for the arrest of the student and
was detained in the police custody for more than
24hrs just because the student expressed his
mind concerning what was going on in the
The school management increased the School
fees, some students went for a peaceful protest
just to know the reason why the fees was
increased they were all beaten by the security
and sent back home of which we were all forced
to pay the increased fees.
Another issue occurred of which #5000 was
added for students who failed to pay their school
fees on time and those who could not complete
their registration on time. The student also went
for a peaceful protest just for the school to
reduce the amount but all their peaceful effort
landed some of them in police custody
All these were happening before the strike
commenced, of which during the strike, precisely
last week, the chairman of the school
management was summoned by the EFCC
officials and he denied everything saying he
didn’t increase the sch fees neither did he added
#5000 for the late registration
The reason for this ongoing strike by the NASU
was because of the CONTISS 15 arrears the
federal government promised all federal
polytechnics to give them of which the lecturers
in the institution could testify that their
colleagues in other institutions had received
theirs but federal polytechnic Ede management
failed to implement that on their own salary
instead they are been paid half of their salary
since January up till this moment.
After the collection of the late registration fee of
#5000, they were all expectant that the
implementation would start but to their
amazement, nothing of such pop up so they
decided to start the strike.
I believe all these are happening because there
is no Student Union Government (SUG) in the
institution and the School management is not
ready to reinstate the union because they are
scared that they would not have a say anytime
they try to trample on our interest just to fulfill
their own selfish interest We now come to
realize that with all this waste of time, if we
eventually graduate at last, we won’t be relevant
in the labour market again having issues with age
Please on behalf of the students of Federal
Polytechnic Ede Osun State I humbly call for the
intervention of the federal government and all
other educational parastatals to please save us
from what we can call slavery.
Anytime we are pushed to talk we will either be
arrested or been threatened to be expelled and
everyone of us is afraid of spending an extra
year when all our mates are already in service,
some have even started working.
All the students are ready to support and follow
up with the federal government and be at your
call for any verification about what is going on in
the institution.
On this note, We call on the federal government
to please help us look into the man’s (rector
precisely) case and check how he has managed
to make money from our school fees (both from
daily part time students and regular part time
students), the stress of our parents and some of
us who work to sponsor ourselves in school, yet
at the detriment of our glorious future, do what
he likes to delay our precious time
We also want the SUG to be back so we can be
able to relay our mind to the school and other
federal bodies
Author : Anonymous


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