How To Get MTN MusicPlus 150MB Unlimitedly Works Via Netloop VPN Or Psiphon Or Netify VPN

tn musicplus free browsing @ 0.0k is
still working like mad nothing has
changed at all in the settings via netloop
VPN or psiphon or netify VPN the only
change there Is how to get the 150mb .
And we the hackers lordship whatsapp
group has find a way out first send D to
5900 you will receive a message and
Kindly reply with Yes and you will be
given the normal 150mb.
Hope you know the way to use the
150mb via Netloop VPN or psiphon or
netify VPN??
To renew your 150mb send cancel7d to
Note :- make sure you don’t have more
then #200 to avoid story that touch cry

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