Subscribe To Unlimited 2go Plan For All Networks

2go, though fallen in the battle of chat
applications to
Whatsapp still has some very loyal fans
who can’t take
their eyes and attention out of the app.
To those, I’ll be
sharing a topic today. It’s about the
necessary codes for
subscribing to 2go unlimited data plan
on both Mtn and
Airtel networks .
If you are on these subscriptions, you
don’t have to bother
about how much data you consume
when using 2go
anymore because it’s already been
covered by the plan as
the 2go plans are unlimited .
So, how can one Subscribe to Unlimited
2go plan on Airtel
and Mtn networks?
Airtel customers can now enjoy
“unlimited 2go access”
with the Airtel Social Bundle .
In order to subscribe to 2go for one
month for a very
cheap price (#100), Just Dial *991# for
the weekly
The Airtel 2go unlimited bundle is a little
bit costlier than
that of Mtn. Mtn has both the weekly
and monthly
subscriptions and they’re entirely within
reach of someone
who really spends quality time on these
So how do one subscribe to Mtn Weekly
and Monthly 2go
Data Plans?
Code to subscribe to 2go unlimited plan
on Mtn =>
The monthly 2go plan on Mtn costs 60
naira only while
the weekly plan costs 25 naira.
So, you see how cheap it is.

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