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Latest Phisphon Airtel 0.00kb Absolute Free Browsing Cheat – See Settings

Psiphon has been a very useful tool for
free Browsing, cleverly sidelining
simpleserver and taking a lot. Now most
Nigerians who wants to browse using
mtn bis, etisalat 0.00kb, etc. Are now
using psiphon. How there is a new Airtel
cheat on Net. This is the latest, newest
Airtel cheat for Nigerians. Not working
outside of naija. And it’s pretty fast.
Though, for Downloading, I may choose
another one for some reasons. Now,
how does this Airtel ch0.00kb cheat with
Psiphon works with absolutely nothing.
With 0 naira in your account, you can
browse and download without mercy. It’s
not slow unless you are in one of those
dark areas in naija.
In this post, I’ll show you how to
configure your Airtel Free Browsing with
Psiphon so you can enjoy 0 naira free
browsing like some people are currently
Settings for airtel 0 naira free browsing
Psiphon Configuration For Airtel 0.00
follow steps carefully for better
Download psyphon or Psiphon Pro Lite
Handler [Always Stable]
– Tick remove port – Proxy Type:
Reverse Proxy – Proxy Server:
Airtel-wlcma – Real Proxy Type: Inject –
Real Proxy Server: – Real Proxy Port:
3128 – Click Save And set psiphon to
Tunnel whole device Accept. – Now, go
to options , select Region: Best
Performance – Click on More Option
Tick connect through an HTTP – Tick
use the following settings: Host Address: Port: 3128 When you are
done with the above settings, Go back
and click on connect Wait for about 5 to
8 minutes and launch your browsefor
about 5 to 8 minutes and launch your
browser. It should be speeding at top
speed if you have good network


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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