UNN Notice To Students On 2nd Semester 2015/2016 Course Registration

This is to inform all students of UNN to take
note of the following information with regards to
2015/16 Second Semester Course Registration.
1.Course registration will open from the 4th –
18th of April 2016 (2 weeks).
2.Late registration will be from the 18th– 25th of
April 2016 after a payment of N500 to the UNN
account. (1 Week)
3.All external candidates are expected to register
online for any course they intend to take this
4.Any student who fails to register within these
specified dates has lost the semester in view.
5.Any challenge on course registration or
missing courses should get to the ICT unit
(Access Bank Building) latest 11th April, 2016.
6.Henceforth any student who fails to register
for his courses online is deemed to have lost
that session in question.
7.You must purchase the Result checking card
and check your results for second semester
2014/2015 session to be enabled to register your
courses for the 2015/16 second semester
Be informed.

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