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3 Easy Steps To Hack Your 3G Network And Browse Faster

Hey guys, do you know you can hack
your 3G Netowrk and
download up to 4gb file in few hours.
Its bad when you have A 3G network
that couldnt download
a file of 100mb within just 5mins sound
somehow, even
without been throtle by the ISP
Today am gona show you how you can
download speedly
in in no time After hacking your 3G
network you can flex it
with mtn 0.0k, Bblited, Bblitew, Social
me and Etisalat
0.0kHere we go….How to hack your 3g
network and flex
your downloading speed with ease
Here we go….How to hack your 3g
network and flex your
downloading speed with ease
1. Xblast tools..
2. Xpose Installer
3. Brain as we gona apply some trick to
Follow this process to hack your 3G
Download and install the xblast tools,
Note: You have to activate it with
xposed installer. To do
Open ur xposed installer
Go to modules tick the box for xblast
,Restart ur phone for xblast to fully
NOTE: Your device must be rooted
Open XBlast Tools
navigate to build.prop Tweaks,
Tick Enable Google DNS Hack,
Tick Optimize TCP Stack,
Tick Check in service & Select “HSUPA
upload speed
hack”Tick HSUPA enable
uncapped.Scroll down to see 3G
Speed hack make sure its tick…
Restart your phone as you have hacked
your 3G network
for better speedwith this method i was
getting 450kb/s ,
1.30Mb/s after hacking the 3G now
getting up to 1.5Mb
2Mb/s, 3Mb/s ,4Mb/s UCWeb download


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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